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HERSQUEEN W 3D lash 3D W lash Made From PBT Material (Also Called Clover Lash fans , 3D-shaped Lash), Super Light Weight & Cashmere Soft.
Suitable for beginners and experts, quick application, one pair of eyes only need 50-60 roots, 12 rows/tray, can be used at 10-15 customers, saving 84% time. Automatic fast fan.
The special W-shaped overlay design makes your eyelashes look thicker, fills the gap in natural eyelashes and makes them more charming.
Permanent Stable Curl, within 24 months will NEVER lose curl. Pass the test in 200℉ Water.
Service:HERSQUEEN promises to provide you with PREMIUM eyelash products and services. If you are not satisfied with our product, please contact us directly and we will do our best for you.