What Are Wet Angel Lashes & How to Do Them?

Do your clients want wispy Angel lashes, and are you dying to create them? Well… the time is now! A trend that is invading the eyelash extensions world is Angel lashes, and rightly so – who wouldn’t want gorgeous, wispy volume lashes?

Wispy wet eyelash extensions


If classic lashes and volume lashes had a baby, Angel lashes would be it. This lash extensions set achieves a classic-esque lash effect but with the use of lighter and thinner lashes – Angel lashes are, typically, textured volume lash extensions but with spikes. These lashes appear to look weightless and wispy and can be customized to the client. Bold, dramatic, or natural lash sets can be achieved by using the angel lashes technique.

Many clients are requesting more natural lashes rather than mega-volume lashes that have been so popular. Angel lash extensions will enhance your client’s natural beauty, emphasize their eyes, and complement their face shape. Effortlessly stunning and fluffy, what’s not to love?

wet spike lashes


 Angel lashes typically give a subtle cat-eye effect, and is extremely versatile. If your client has round, narrow, or almond eyes then angel lashes will most likely suit their eye shape. As these heavenly lashes can be customizable depending on what the client clients, this style will suit most clients.

Like squirrel lash sets, Angel eyelash extensions are quite versatile. We would suggest avoiding this styling on clients with wide-set eyes as these wispy eyelash extensions may give the appearance that their eyes are even further apart – stick with close-set or proportional eyes.

Angel lashes are perfect for clients who want a more lash set but with a bold finish. It’s the perfect happy medium between classic lash extensions and volume lashes. It caters to many clients as it gives the illusion of a classic set but with an extra oomph as we are adding more lashes per natural lash. This way of lash mapping also includes spikes – more commonly associated with the famous Kim K style.


Similar to the viral wet look lashes, an angelic and effortless look is created by using closed fans that make spikes. The difference is, with angel eyelash extensions we recommend that you use light, fine lashes in 2D, rather than a 4-5D – resulting in a soft, wispy, and light lash set.

It goes without saying that you can create eyelash extensionsas dramatic or as natural as you and your client desire. This goes for angel lashes too, but this look is way easier, and quicker, to achieve than mega-volume Russian eyelash extensions.

To create this look, we suggest using our HERSQUEEN lashes in lengths of 7 up to 11, with the addition of eye-catching spikes.