What Are Mega Lash Extensions?

What are MEGA volume lashes? And how do they differ from volume lashes?



Mega volume lash extensions are thicker and darker than regular volume lashes. They use a 0.02mm or 0.03mm diameter lash, the thinnest false lash in the industry. This allows each lash fan to be made up of more false lashes per extension.


Thicker fans make mega volume lashes the fullest, densest, darkest, and most dramatic eyelash extension type available.
So if you want to add mega-watt drama to your lashes (not your life, don’t worry!), this lash set might be for you!

What Are Mega Volume Eyelash Extensions?

Mega volume is the darkest lash set that you can find. These lash extensions are completely customizable depending on your natural lash health and desired outcome.
For these extensions, lash technicians use 0.02/0.03mm diameter falsies with different curls and lengths for each mega volume lash fan. Each fan can accommodate more pieces because the falsies are so light.
With mega volume fans, each fan is usually roughly 16 lashes and can go up to 20 falsies because of that 0.02/ 0.03 weight! These full fans are applied to each natural lash giving you an incredibly full and dramatic outcome.

Light Cashmere Lash Extensions

And because the lashes used in these fans are so light, even though the mega fan is wide with tons of extensions, it’s about the same weight as the one lash extension used for classic lash extensions!
That means gorgeous and full lashes at no extra weight.
However, if you choose to get mega volume lashes, expect the application time to be longer than the standard classic, volume, or mixed extensions.
Mega volume lashes take more time because you’re dealing with so many lashes per fan with varying curls and lengths.
Lash technician will need to use precise and careful application techniques to achieve a seamless look and gorgeous mega volume style.

Difference Between Volume Lash Extensions and Mega Lash Extensions

The main difference between volume lashes and mega volume lashes is the density of the lashes used for every extension fan attached per natural eyelash to create a volumized eyelash look.
♥ Volume lashes use 5 to 10 lash extensions (0.05 to 0.07mm) on a lash fan
♥ Mega lashes use 6 to 16 and even more lash extensions on a lash fan using the thinnest lash extensions (0.02 to 0.05mm)
♥ Volume lashes use fewer lashes per fan to get full and uniform lashes. On the other hand, mega lashes use more lashes per fan to create a super fluffy and denser look.
Compared to regular volume lashes, mega volume lashes are still lightweight to wear with more lashes per fan and are darker, denser, and fuller.

Pros of Mega Lashes
Achieves a much darker lash line
Provides fuller-looking lashes
Extra long lash extensions
Customizable and versatile
Gives users a sultry and more dramatic look
Longer lash retention since mega volume fan wraps around every natural lash

Cons of Mega Lashes
× Takes more time to apply (3-4 hours)
×  Can be difficult to achieve balance and symmetry
×  The most expensive lash extension style.

Moreover, while you would think that fuller lashes would look good on everyone but they don’t always suit everyone. When applied to elderly clients or those with light hair, the dark lash line of mega volume lashes can be too harsh or create too much contrast.
If they can, and you decide to get them, also be reminded that these types of extensions need to be thoroughly cleaned every day because they are so dense that oil, dust, and more can quickly get stuck in them. This can cause lash infections and be unhygienic.
So be sure to commit to regular cleaning and aftercare before getting them done.Then you can look effortlessly dramatic and ready for a big event or night out every day.