The Top Trending Lash Styles in 2023

If you are looking to stay on top of the latest lash trends, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve looked at the reports from our salons and discussed with experts to bring you our trend projections for 2023.
Whether you’re looking to change up your style or you’re brand new to lash extensions, we predict these styles will be the trendiest!

classic and hybrid sets

Classic and Hybrid Sets

Super big fluffy lashes aren’t as popular as it used to be. While it’s still a good option for many clients, it seems like a lot of clients are switching over to more natural classic and hybrid sets to enhance and bring out their natural eyes.

So far in 2023, hybrid sets and classic sets totaled over 40% of total services done at salons!

Angel (Wet) Sets

Angel (Wet) Sets

A new and emerging style, the angel set technique incorporates classic application with very light volume spikes. This set gives you a dark lash line without adding any weight to your natural lashes. This set gives a super textured look. This set is extremely versatile and works with almost every client. Not all lash salons offer this service, so make sure you research before booking any appointments if this is what you’re looking for!

For a relatively new service, angel sets are definitely on the rise at our salons. They totaled over 15% of total services at salons for 2023!

anime manga sets

Manga (Anime) Style

The anime style is a combination of shorter base lashes with longer spikes. More and more clients are inquiring about this style and for good reason. It makes your eyes look straight out of an anime.
Again, this style isn’t available at all salons, so make sure you research your lash artists before trying to book this appointment.

wispy style lashes

Wispy Style

Wispy lashes are when the lengths of the lash extensions alternate throughout the eye. Uniform lashes are when the lash artist does not alternate lengths and keeps the same length throughout sections of the eye. Uniform lashes are still beautiful; however, it seems many clients are starting to prefer more textured and natural looks with the wispy style.