How To Choose Your Lash Extensions Curl Type?


How To Choose Your Lash Extensions Curl Type?

Now that you know the different eyelash extension curls, check out the important general factors you should consider when choosing the best lash extensions for you.

Eye Structure

If you want to prevent lash extensions from poking your delicate eyelids, consider the structure of your eye.

Protruding or bulging eyes are best paired with soft curl types since strong curls make their eyes excessively open, which may look weird.

If you have deep-set eyes (eyes deep in the sockets), you need softer curls, like C or B.

But with standard eyes, you can try any lash curl type!

Eye Shape

For best results, know that different eye shapes require different lash extension curls. Remember that there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to lash extensions.So just because a curl looks great on one person doesn’t mean it will look as good on another.

To determine the right curl type for you, it’s important to understand the ten different eye shapes, including:

• Almond
• Close-set
• Deep-set
• Downturned
• Hooded
• Monolid
• Protruding
• Round
• Upturned
• Wide-set

Natural Lash Angle

When deciding on the curl type to choose, remember that the angle of your natural lashes will greatly affect the final look.If you don’t know how to determine the best lashes for you, ask your trusted lash technician to help you out.

Here are some examples.

Downward-angled lashes: Choosing curlier lashes can help open up your eyes. So opt for reasonably curly lash styles like D- and C-curls.
Upward lashes: The best choice for upward lashes is softer curls like C, B, and J. The natural eyelashes will push the lash extensions up, opening the eyes and making them look brighter.
Straight lashes: People with horizontal, straight-facing lashes can wear almost any curls, depending on their style.
Mixed lashes: For some people, parts of the lash line can have lashes that face in various directions. In this case, mixing lash curls makes the most sense to create a more harmonious look.

Understanding how lash extensions can enhance a client’s natural eye features is key to selecting the right curl type.

For example, if a client has hooded eyes, choosing a curl with a longer base will ensure that the lashes are visible and not hidden by the extra skin around the eye.

Meanwhile, if a client has round or protruding eyes, it’s best to avoid lash styles that open up the eye more, such as open-eye or doll-eye styles, since these will only make them look more stunned than stunning.

Instead, you should elongate the eyes with the cat-eye lash extension style using a looser curl like a C curl to ensure that it balances out the eye’s roundness by creating the illusion of almond eyes.

Wearing Glasses or Not?

If you wear eyeglasses every day, you may need slightly stronger curls like M-, D-, or CC-curls.

If you choose overly straight lash curls, they will touch your glasses’ lenses, which can be unsettling for you every time you blink.

What Lash Curl Type Will You Choose?

Eyelash extensions come in different types of lash curls.

Which is the best lash extension curl type out of all the different types of lash curls listed above?

Unfortunately, there’s no straightforward answer since no curl is one-size-fits-all. The truth is our eyes are shaped differently, so there is no one type of curl that suits everyone.

If you want to get the best lash extension curl suitable for your eyes and desired look, choose a lash salon with highly knowledgeable and trained lash technicians.

Moreover, certified lash techs should be able to analyze your natural lashes and eye shape and determine which lash extension types suit you best!