History of Eyelash Extensions

History of Eyelash Extensions

Lash extensions are used by a good majority of men and women with thin, sparse, and short lashes to enhance their looks. Where did lash extensions come from and who invented eyelash extensions?

history of eyelash extensions

The eyelash extension history is rich. How far has it evolved? Let’s find out all about the origin of this cosmetic procedure that has seen significant changes over the years.

World’s First Eyelash Extensions
The first eyelash extensions were made of human hair in the 19th century and glued to the eyelids. Although they fell off after a few days of irritation, it’s hard to imagine the allergic reactions that must’ve followed due to their widespread use.

History of Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extension Operations
According to Dundee Courier dated 6 July 1899, specialists did such an operation by threading a needle with hair taken from the head of the person to be operated on. Hair was then stitched onto the eyelids, followed by cutting and trimming of fibers.The good news was most of these transplants would then develop roots on the lash line, but several others would fall out.

The Early 1900s:
False Lashes Patented

A German hair specialist in the U.K called Charles Nessler began selling fake eyelashes via his salon in London one year after registering the patent- “A New or Improved Method of and Means for the Manufacture of Artificial Eyebrows, Eyelashes and the like”.

Hollywood Debut
Until the Hollywood movie “Intolerance” that Eyealsh extensions really became popular.
As the director of the movie D.W Griffith wanted his actress to have eyelashes that brushed against her cheeks, he instructed his wigmaker to make false eyelashes for his heroine- Seena Owen.While Ms. Owen suffered from severe allergic reactions afterward, the style caught on so much that 20 million pairs of false lashes were sold annually in the 1930s.

The First False Eyelash Company Is Born
Back in 1947, the Aylott brothers who worked in the film industry decided to establish their own brand called Eylure. They began the world’s first large-scale production of false lashes by the ’60s in Cwmbran, a town in Wales.Eylure is also the same lashes that created the iconic look of Elizabeth Taylor’s Cleopatra in 1963. Thereafter, fake lashes became such a rage that many other companies like Revlon and Max Factor launched false eyelashes commercially.

History of Eyelash Extensions

The 2000s:
Advent Of Artificial Lash Extensions
Combining available knowledge from the past and present on lash enhancements at the time, eyelash extensions were created and glued to natural eyelashes somewhere around Japan and Korea during the early 21st century. These were lightweight, safe, comfortable, custom-made, and long-lasting, unlike the earlier versions.

Eyelash Extension Manufacturing In Large Scale
According to Wiki sources, it was in 2008 that eyelash extensions were first manufactured on a large scale by a Korean beauty business called Aesthetic Korea Co. Ltd. In the past decade, many eyelash extension manufacturers have popped up all around China, Vietnam, Thailand, India, and other Asian countries owing to the expensive nature of Korean fake lashes.

More Innovation of Eyelash Extensions
The owner of One Two Cosmetics invented magnetic lash extensions, which is quoted as the latest innovation in the industry by The New York Times. Glitter lashes followed and today you can find lashes with more colors than the rainbow. Unlike a decade ago, men are also taking into eyelash extensions enthusiastically today.Another favorable upgrade has to do with the lash adhesive.

From 2017 to 2018:
Rapid Development
The eyelash extensions industry was taken by such a storm that search engines recorded a 152% increase for the keyword “eyelashes”besides selling more than $270 million lash extensions at the same time. According to ABC News, eyelash extensions are set to become a $1.5 Billion industry in the next couple of years.
Another favorable upgrade has to do with the lash adhesive. The cyanoacrylate glue that usually took 24 to 48 hours to cure completely is now reduced to just four hours.

eyelash extensions

The Eyelash Extensions Industry Up Till Now
Over the last decade, the industry has come back to life with innovative techniques and booming sales.
While COVID did affect the industry of eyelash extension just like any other industry, it’s not winding down anytime soon because eyes are now all the more important, thanks to face masks covering up the lips.

In short, eyelash extensions aren’t a fad anymore, it’s already a standard of modern beauty.

History of Eyelash Extensions

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