Eyelash Extensions With Glasses – Length, Curl & Style Tips


Tips for Applying Eyelash Extensions on Glasses-Wearing Clients

Got a client eager to amp up their look with eyelash extensions while donning glasses? If a bespectacled beauty hasn’t graced your salon yet, don’t worry—it’s just a matter of time.

Better to be ready when they do! Clients can totally rock lash extensions with glasses, but it’s crucial to select the ideal style to prevent any lash-lens clashes. Keep reading for some handy tips to guide you in making the best decision!

Ask the Client to Bring Their Glasses

First things first, kindly request that your client brings their glasses to the appointment. This allows you to double-check the lash compatibility before diving into the application process.

Simply hold a lash up to their eye to get a glimpse of how well that specific eyelash extension will pair with their glasses. To err on the side of caution, have your client pop on their glasses after you’ve applied the initial central lash.

Start by Choosing Short Lashes

A handy guideline to follow is extending the natural lash by 1 to 2 mm for those wearing glasses. This ensures enough clearance for the lashes to blink without making contact with the glasses’ lenses.

So, if the natural lash measures 11 mm, you can opt for an extension that’s either 11 mm or 12 mm. Keep in mind that the extension isn’t applied right at the base of the natural lash, so you’ll need to factor in that extra space (typically around 1 mm).

Of course, the simplest route to ensuring lash extensions steer clear of those lenses is to opt for shorter lashes! Begin with lashes within the 6mm-11mm spectrum, and gradually work your way up if there’s wiggle room (and your client craves longer lashes).

Opt for a Bold Curl

When it comes to matching eyelash extensions with glasses, size isn’t the sole factor! You could actually pull off longer lashes if you opt for a style featuring a significant curl—at least a C or D for standard curls, or a DD, D+, or CC for those voluminous curls.

In the quest for the ideal combo of lash extensions and glasses, striking curls can truly deliver a major impact by arching upwards rather than extending outward!

Focus on the Outer Sections of the Eyes

Middle lashes typically protrude more than those on the sides. With this in mind, consider crafting a more striking look on the sides while keeping it trimmer around the center.

For instance, when dealing with eyelash extensions for glasses-wearers, you could achieve a cat-eye effect by starting with shorter lashes on the inner corners of the eyes and gradually transitioning into longer lashes towards the outer edges, where glasses are less likely to interfere.

How To Wear Glasses With Lash Extensions:

The main thing to be mindful of is the placement of your glasses on your nose bridge. Positioning them too near your lash line may lead to the extensions rubbing against the lenses.

That’s why I mentioned earlier that it’s a good idea to bring your frames to your appointment. Once that’s sorted, just remember to consistently wear your glasses at approximately the same location on your nose bridge.


Here’s to hoping these pointers keep your bespectacled clients thrilled with their lash extensions! Before their appointment, you might suggest they switch to larger nose pads on their glasses, giving you some extra space to play with, particularly if they’re after a dramatic effect. However, this usually isn’t a must.

Just remember to be patient and select the right set, and applying eyelash extensions for glasses-wearers should be a walk in the park! If lash extensions don’t pan out for a client, you could always recommend a lash lift as an alternative.