Eyelash Extensions Drooping Down? Here’s How To Fix Them~


How To Fix Eyelash Extensions Drooping Down?

The whole point of lash extensions is to create a bolder look that opens the eyes and gives them a lift. Whether you’re a stylist or a client, the last thing you want is eyelash extensions drooping down.There can be any number of issues that can lead to a droopy look, from lash selection to aftercare. In this post, I detail how to fix drooping eyelash extensions, with tips for stylists working at the salon and for clients at home.

How To Fix Drooping Eyelash Extensions (For Lash Techs)

Go Shorter

If the lashes you choose are too long, they can end up weighing down your client’s natural lashes, which can lead to a droopy look. Using very long lashes on the outer corner of the eye can sometimes also create the illusion of a droopy, downturned eye.Either way, make sure to choose the right eyelash extension length for your client and create a lash map that’ll flatter their eye shape.

Go Thinner

Thick, heavy lashes can also pull your client’s lashes down, not to mention they can put stress on their lash line and lead to damage.Choosing the right thickness is a science, so I highly recommend reading the following guide to make sure you’re doing it correctly:How To Choose Your Lash Extensions Curl Type?

Use a Stronger Curl

If you know that the lash length and thickness are perfect, the issue might simply be that your client’s lashes are naturally very downturned. Choosing a stronger curl will create that lift you need. If you’ve used C lashes, give CC or D a try. If you tried D lashes, then try DD or even L lashes.

Suggest a Lash Lift

Another fantastic option for clients with very straight or down-angled lashes is a lash lift. If it’s not a service you offer, it’s worth investing some time to become certified since it works so well in conjunction with lash extensions. You’ll want to do the lash lift first, and then follow it up with the lash extension application.

How To Fix Drooping Eyelash Extensions at Home (For Clients)


If your lashes seem to be drooping, it is possible they just need to be fluffed up a little. Sometimes, tangled lashes can droop forward because of their combined weight. Using a clean spoolie, gently detangle them from the top and bottom.


Are you washing your lashes every day using a dedicated extension brush and lash shampoo?
If you’ve been a little behind on your aftercare, give your lash extensions a good washing. Otherwise, debris and oil buildup may cause the lashes to sag, not to mention it can damage your lashes and overall retention.

Talk to Your Stylist

If brushing and washing didn’t do the trick, you need to talk to your stylist. Take a few photos to illustrate the drooping, and ask for a consultation prior to your next appointment. It could be a simple issue to resolve with slightly lighter or curlier lashes.

Why Are My Eyelash Extensions Drooping?

To figure out why your eyelash extensions are drooping, start by thinking about when it happened. Did they look a little droopy immediately when you left the salon, or was it only a few days after your appointment?

If your lashes looked droopy from the start, your stylist might need to change something about the application. If they started sagging later on, you’ll probably need to adjust some of your aftercare.

With that in mind, here are the main factors:

· Your natural lash angle might be down-angled, so lash extensions that don’t curl upwards enough can end up looking droopy.
· Improper aftercare like lack of brushing or cleaning can lead to buildup or tangles that can cause lashes to droop and even fall into the eyes.
· Sleeping on your stomach with your face pressed into the pillow can end up denting your extensions.
· If your extensions are too big, long, or heavy they might be weighing your natural lashes down.
· The wrong style can seem droopy even if the lashes themselves aren’t too heavy or curly. In particular, a cat-eye style with very long lashes on the outer corner can make downturned eyes seem even sleepier.
· While this is incredibly rare, extreme heat may alter the curl of your lash extensions. In particular, this can be an issue for people who work in kitchens or other very high-heat environments where the extensions are exposed to extreme temperatures for long periods of time.