Cat Eyelash Extensions: Are They Perfect for Your Eye Shape?

After trying the classic eyelash extension types, maybe you can try other lash extension styles. And definitely don’t miss out on getting the popular cat eyelash extensions!


Cat eyelash extensions are a sexy twist on the classic and volume lash extensions styles that aim to elongate and lift the outer corners of the eyes, creating cat eye wispy lashes! This style is perfect for those who want an effortless sultry look. Now, if you want to know whether or not cat eye lashes extensions are for you, read on!

What ARE Cat Eyelash ExtensionS?

The cat eyelash extension style is now widely offered in modern beauty salons due to its popularity.
To achieve the cat eye lashes extension style, certified lash technicians use shorter extensions in the inner corner of the eye and longer ones toward the outer corner.
As a result, it mimics the shape of a winged liner and creates the illusion of a feline-eye look, hence, the name cat eyelash extensions.
If you want to elongate your eye while adding lift to your lashes, you should sport eyelash extensions in the cat eye look!
This lash style is perfect for people with round faces, closed-set eyes, and round eyes as they help balance your eye shape, create sharper contours, and even make your face look slimmer!

Different Types of Cat Eyelash Extensions

The most distinct difference is the ratio of eyelash extensions used per natural eyelash.
There are three main cat-eye lash techniques that you can choose from to match your eye shape and lash needs: the classic cat eye, hybrid cat eye, and volume cat eye.

Classic Cat Eyes

To achieve these classic cat eyelash extensions, lash techs use a 1:1 ratio; one lash extension for every natural lash.
If you are new to cat-eye lashes, you can choose these natural cat eye lash extensions since it’s the simplest among the other cat-eye styles.

Volume Cat Eyes

For this cat-eye style, your lash technician might need to apply two to six lash-extension fans for every natural lash.
These lash dimensions are the fullest and the most extreme cat eye lashes you can have. You can ask your lash tech to use more than 6D up to 15D cat-eye style.
But if you need that dramatic eyelash look to pair with your full-glam makeup, the mega-volume cat eyelash extensions are definitely for you!

Hybrid Cat Eyes

The hybrid cat eyelash extensions are a combination of classic and volume cat-eye lashes.
With this style, you can achieve the lash “spikes” with the classic eyelashes and the fullness that the volume fans provide.
To get that extra oomph on your lashes, go for the hybrid cat eyelashes and get the best of both lash styles.
With the right volume and length, you can achieve Kim K’s wispy lashes that everyone is talking about!

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