Are the 2023 Eyelash Extension Trends Truly Deserving of Their Buzz?


In 2023, eyelash trends emphasize lightness and definition, and we’re smitten with the organic, feathery, and elongated styles many clients are choosing.

Like any year, trends in makeup can challenge norms and make bold statements, and eyelashes are no exception. To diversify your lash appearance, consider trying out a new trend!

The beauty of extensions lies in their adaptability, allowing you to easily modify the style and experiment with something fresh without making a permanent change. From doll-like manga lashes to cat-eye-liner-inspired designs, we’re here to break down these popular 2023 lash trends.

Explore These 4 Eyelash Trends in 2023

Textured Lash Extensions

This emerging trend utilizes a hybrid lash application technique. Volume lashes are strategically placed among classic extensions to provide the perfect combination of fullness, definition, and a natural wispy appearance.

For a more dramatic textured effect, volume lashes are mixed with classic ones. To enhance a minimal makeup look (a trend that’s here to stay), pair fluttery textured lash extensions for an extra boost without going full glam.

Wispy Texture lash extensions
manga eyelashes

Manga Lashes

Manga or anime-inspired lashes borrow from the textured lash trend but take it up a notch. To achieve this look, the hybrid lash application method is used once more. Picture a less natural wispy style and a more eye-catching, attention-grabbing lash line.Consult with your stylist on customizing the hybrid application to create manga-style lashes.

Once completed, this style can create a rounded and open appearance for your eyes. How? Manga lashes make a bold statement and deliver a wide, doll-like effect for the eyes. To intensify the anime or doll-like appearance, pair your lash extensions with pastel eyeshadow, as bright pastel shadows (and blushes) were a dominant trend on the spring/summer 2023 runways.

Cat-eye Lash Extensions

Fancy a cat-eye style? It’s perfect for those with almond-shaped and elongated eyes. To attain this trend, discuss with your stylist the options for extending the lashes towards the outer edge of the eye. Our recommendation for achieving this classic yet seductive look: opt for our volume lash application!

While this is a significant trend in 2023, the dramatic and alluring cat-eye look is here to stay. It combines the glamour of traditional cat-eye eyeliner with a voluminous lash approach.

Russian lashes

Russian Lashes

In contrast to trends focusing on length and softness, this style emphasizes a shorter, denser lash line. It’s an excellent choice for filling in gaps between sparse lashes, as multiple extensions are attached to each natural lash (think level 3 intensity). This thicker lash appearance can even create the illusion of wearing eyeliner.

Another tip to complete the Russian lash look: choose a D curl! It’s the perfect option for achieving this eyelash extension trend. If you’re captivated by the ’90s grunge beauty revival, try pairing dense lashes with dark lip liner and smudged eyeshadow. You’ll appear as if you just stepped out of the latest “trends to watch” beauty campaign!

Are the 2023 Lash Trends Worth the Buzz?

Now, it’s time to address the crucial question: Should you embrace these trends or stay with your tried-and-true lash style?

When it comes to experimenting with your lash extension look, we wholeheartedly support trying a trend (in short, the hype is justified). In other words, go for something new if it piques your curiosity! It’s simple to test out new trends without making a significant commitment, as we recommend getting a lash fill every two weeks to maintain your appearance.

This means that if you desire a more pronounced cat-eye during one visit, go for it! Then, switch to a textured lash style two weeks later. Explore the hype for yourself by trying out the look that resonates with you!

As we navigate the thrilling world of 2023 lash trends, remember that there’s no harm in exploring new styles and experimenting with your look. Whether you opt for textured extensions, manga lashes, cat-eye lash extensions, or Russian lashes, the key is to discover what makes you feel confident and fabulous.

Consult with your lash stylist to find the perfect trend that suits your personal style and enhances your natural features. After all, lashes are an extension of your unique self-expression, and there’s no better time than now to stay ontrend and embrace the lash adventure!