A Comprehensive Guide: Practicing Eyelash Extensions at Home


A Comprehensive Guide: Practicing Eyelash Extensions at Home

In the world of eyelash extensions, practice is key to mastering the art of creating stunning, natural-looking lashes for your clients. While mannequins can be an excellent training tool, they may not always be available or suitable for every situation.

In this blog post, we explore various alternatives to practice eyelash extensions without a mannequin, from enlisting the help of friends and family to using innovative techniques with everyday objects. With these tips, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a skilled lash technician, even without a mannequin by your side.

Mastering Lash Extensions on a Mannequin: A Step-by-Step Guide

1Prepare Your Mannequin

Begin by positioning your mannequin in your designated workspace. While a lash bed is the perfect setup, a comfortably high table will also suffice. Be sure that the mannequin is around chest height when you’re seated to avoid hunching over during practice. Next, secure a silicone pad beneath the mannequin’s eyes and apply a row of “practice” lashes to each of its “eyes.”

For an even more authentic feel, I recommend attaching two layers of practice lashes instead of just one. Since our lashes naturally grow in multiple layers, this approach offers a more lifelike experience. Lastly, ensure that all your lash extension tools are conveniently arranged, replicating the organization you would maintain when working with a real client.

2Perfect Your Posture and Tweezer Grip

Once everything is in place, spend some time practicing your posture and handling your tweezers. Position your chair close to the mannequin, keeping your arms near your body. Support your wrists and use the mannequin’s forehead as a resting spot for your fingers.

When you’re ready, count the mannequin’s lashes with your tweezers – it’s an excellent way to warm up and ensure you’re comfortable.

3Plan Your Lash Map

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4– Apply Pre-Treatment

Before lashing, add a small amount of pre-treatment to your mannequin’s lashes. Synthetic practice lashes cause adhesives to dry slower. Pre-treatment accelerates drying time, which speeds up your practice and mimics adhesive drying on natural lashes.

5– Apply Lash Extensions

Now, you’re all set to attach the lashes! The process for applying lashes on a mannequin is no different than on a client. Isolate the lashes, dip the extension lashes in glue, and apply. Keep repeating until you’re finished!

Many stylists find working on a mannequin easier than on a client, as the lashes are less dense, making isolation simpler.

Practicing Eyelash Extensions Without a Mannequin

1- Enlist Friends and Family

Even with a mannequin, practicing on real people is invaluable for learning how to handle various natural lash patterns and client preferences. Start with understanding friends and family members to build your skills in a comfortable environment. Remember to set up your workspace as you would for a real client.

2- Find Models Online

Connect with prospective models through local beauty enthusiast or hair and beauty model groups on Facebook. When posting a call for models, include your location, style, date and time, and any requirements regarding photos or covering material costs.

3- Use a Sponge

Dampen a flat, round makeup sponge and lay down lashes along its perimeter. This technique is excellent for practicing volume lashes and focusing on creating evenly spaced, symmetrical fans. However, it’s not ideal for practicing isolation or placement, and not useful for classic lashes.

4- Practice with Thread

Stretch a piece of sewing thread over a cup or bowl and tape it down on both sides for a makeshift practice surface. This method is helpful for honing speed and precision for both classic and volume lashes.

5- Apply to False Lashes

In a pinch, you can apply extensions to strip lashes. Use inexpensive, simple strip lashes and attach them to a plastic cup, ball, or another small object. This technique doesn’t replicate hand positioning as closely, but is still a useful alternative to a mannequin.

Best Eyelash Extension Kits for Practice

HERSQUEEN All-in-one Eyelash Extensions Starter Kit is perfect for those starting their journey as a lash stylist. The kit provides a realistic mannequin for an authentic practice experience, along with a variety of trays featuring classic lashes in different lengths and curls.

In addition to these essentials, the kit comes with high-quality tweezers, useful accessories, and a step-by-step guide to help you master the art of eyelash extensions. With this comprehensive kit, you’ll have everything you need to develop your skills and become a confident lash professional.


In conclusion, honing your eyelash extension skills doesn’t always require a mannequin. By practicing on friends and family, finding models online, or using creative techniques with everyday items like sponges, thread, or false lashes, you can effectively develop your craft and gain the experience needed to excel as a lash technician.

Remember, practice makes perfect, and with persistence and dedication, you’ll soon be able to create stunning lash looks for your clients, no matter the tools at your disposal.