5 Essential Guidelines for Applying Gorgeous Colored Eyelash Extensions

Are your clients seeking a break from the usual black or brown eyelash extensions and looking to experiment with something more adventurous and eye-catching? Fret not; we have just the solution for you. Colored eyelash extensions can provide an exciting and distinctive touch, elevating clients’ makeup to a whole new level of sophistication and allure.

Although exploring various lash colors can be exhilarating and enjoyable, lash technicians must follow specific guidelines. You might be curious about these fundamental principles for applying stunning colored eyelash extensions.

This article will walk you through the top 5 expert recommendations for applying captivating colored eyelash extensions to achieve the sought-after results. So, prepare to infuse some panache into your clients’ lashes and assist them in making a statement amidst the ordinary.

Top 5 Recommendations for Applying Colored Eyelash Extensions

#1. Don’t Skimp on the Pre-Treatment Phase

Before diving into the application of colored eyelash extensions, it’s crucial to initiate the process by adequately preparing the lashes with pre-treatment. This step involves cleaning the natural lashes with a gentle cleanser.

Following this, apply a primer that promotes effective adhesion of the extensions. Neglecting or hurrying through the pre-treatment phase can compromise the entire procedure and yield undesirable outcomes. Resist the urge to cut corners or bypass the pre-treatment stage, as it could mar the client’s opportunity to dazzle.

Whether you’re performing the process on yourself or a client, the pre-treatment phase can make or break the overall experience. During pre-treatment, ensure you thoroughly remove any debris, dirt, or makeup residue surrounding the lashes. Starting with a clean slate paves the way for success.

#2. Always Rely on a Mapping Technique

Do not undervalue the significance of using a map or mapping strategy when applying colored eyelash extensions. Neglecting to use a map can lead to confusion and disarray. A map assists you in determining the precise placement for each lash extension. Moreover, it helps you achieve the desired symmetry before commencing the task.

Utilizing a lash map is crucial for applying colored extensions, and it becomes even more critical when working with multiple layers. This approach allows you to easily identify which extension should be placed on a specific layer of natural lashes. Regardless of whether you’re working with layers or not, hone your mapping skills as soon as possible.

Pro tip: Regularly keep your eye open, or instruct your client to do so, in order to accurately pinpoint the center of the eye.

#3. Ensure Proper Placement and Direction of Eyelash Extensions

Mastering the correct lash direction requires ample practice. A common mistake is incorrect lash direction, often caused by improper placement of the under-eye patch. Therefore, make sure the under-eye patch is positioned accurately.

Once you have the base direction right, ensure that the outer corner lashes fan outwards, rather than straight ahead.Gently place the eyepatch from one side and press it down along the rest of the eye line. Adhere to a “sunrise-like” pattern to achieve the ideal shape.

Also, make certain that the lash tips point in the direction dictated by your chosen style. Finally, keep a small mirror close by. This handy tool is invaluable when performing intricate tasks such as applying colored eyelash extensions.

#4. Harmonize with the Eye Color

Opt for lash colors that complement and accentuate your natural eye color. Selecting the appropriate colored eyelash extensions amplifies the eye’s innate hue. For instance, brown eyes are enriched by warm shades like caramel and gold, while blue eyes are elevated by cool tones like navy or purple.

Take the eye’s natural color into account when picking colored extensions for your application. Aligning with the eye color results in an appealing and harmonious appearance.

#5. Experiment with Layering

The arrangement of layers significantly impacts the overall effect of the eyelash extensions. Thus, it’s essential to place colored lashes at different levels. To seamlessly blend colored lashes with black extensions while maintaining visibility, position them in the middle layer.

Keep in mind that placing lashes on the bottom layer results in higher visibility, which may not be your desired outcome. Consequently, focus on situating the colored lashes in the middle layer. Additionally, if you want the colored lashes to be more prominent as a lash artist, incorporate a higher volume of colored extensions.

In Summary

To conclude, it’s crucial to follow the appropriate procedure when applying colored eyelash extensions to achieve optimal results. This involves being gentle and refraining from excessive pulling. Remember to opt for a color that complements the natural lash color and skin tone, and ensure proper care is taken to preserve the extensions’ vivid color and durability.

Whether you select a striking, bold hue or a subtler, more natural shade, colored eyelash extensions can infuse any look with a touch of individuality. By following these guidelines, your clients can confidently flaunt their colored lash extensions and express their distinctive style.