13 Different Lash Extension Curl Types

13 Different Lash Extension Curl Types 

Planning to get eyelash extensions for the first time? If that’s the case, you should know that the key to achieving the perfect lashes is choosing the most suitable lash extension types for you.

One of the important factors to consider to get that gorgeous set of lashes is to find the right lash curls for you out of the many lash extension curl types available.Moreover, you need a professional lash technician who is an expert in customizing lashes based on various variables, such as eye shape, natural lash angle, length, and more.

But if you’re curious about the different lash extension curl types, you’re in the right place!Here, we will discuss all eyelash extension curl types — their differences, the best lash curl for your eyes, and how to maintain them.Keep reading this article and be informed!

To summarize the different types of curls you can choose for that stunning lash extensions, here’s a quick chart that you can use as your guide.

Based on the chart above, we have classified different types of lash extension curls into four types:

• Subtle curls
• Dramatic curls
• Lift-up / straight-up curls
• Better bonding curls

Read along as we discuss these lash curl categories and their corresponding lash types.

Subtle Curls (I-, J-, B-Curls)

I-Curl Lash Extensions

The I-curl is the first option in lash extension curls. I-curl is a straight lash style fitting for people with straight eyelashes.

Due to its refined look, this curl type looks more natural, especially for male clients who want to add thickness to their lashes without curling them.I-curl lashes are also a great option for aged clients who have lost their natural lash curl and would want to revive natural-looking eyelashes.

Note that these lashes mainly enhance the length of the eyelashes rather than their curls and are only good for straight lashes alone.

J-Curl Lash Extensions

As its name suggests, J-curl lash extensions are shaped like a J, which makes it one of the most subtle lash extension types, along with the I-curl.

J-curl lash extensions are perfect for people with arrow-straight lashes that point upward or straight.

These curls have a slightly lifted tip angled at 30 degrees and a straight base. Since they lack curls, J-curls also look longer than other eyelash curl types.

However, if your lashes naturally point downward, you should avoid getting J-curl lashes since they will only make your eyes look heavier and smaller.

B-Curl Lash Extensionse

Compared to a J-curl, the B-curl will give a bit more lift to naturally straight eyelashes.

With a 45-degree angle, B-curl lashes are slightly curlier than J-curls. Still, both are a great option for clients with lashes that points upward.

Moreover, B-curls are excellent for inner corner eyelashes.

B-curl lashes will give you a soft curl, a key feature to achieving a naturally enhanced eyelash appearance with good lash retention.

Dramatic Curls (C-, D-, U-Curls)

C-Curl Lash Extensions

C-curl lashes are the standard curl that lash technicians mostly use. With a C-curl, you’ll find that most of them have a 60-degree angle.

This lash curl type is best worn for those with naturally average lash curls since it helps open up the eyes, making you look energetic, bright, and alert. It’s also perfect for those with pin-straight lashes to open up their eyes.

If you have heavy downward eyelashes, you should get C-curls if you want your eyes to look lifted.

D-/CC-Curl Lash Extensions

This lash curl type is similar to C-curl eyelash extensions but is curlier at the tip. D-curl lashes, also known as CC-curls, are the best curls for those with down-angled natural lashes to offer them that noticeable and attractive look.

D-curl lash extensions are ideal for those whose natural lashes are pointing downward because they dramatically affect your eyes by making them look more open, elongated, and brighter.

If you have droopy, deep-set, or hooded eyes, you can’t choose this lash extension curl due to its curl’s angle.

Otherwise, these curls may irritate your eyes as they continuously brush against and prick your upper eyelids.

U-/DD-Curl Lash Extensions

U-curl, also known as DD-curl lash extensions, are perfect for clients who have downward-angled eyelashes and want to achieve overdramatic doll-like lashes.

Get these lash extensions if you want to have a noticeable curled lash effect with a dramatic upward curl.

But similar to the issue with D-curl lashes, they tend to prick eyelids, especially those with heavily hooded eyes or upward-angle natural eyelashes.

Because of that, the U-curl lash extensions are more suitable for those with lashes that have a natural angle.

Lift-Up Curls (M-, L-, L+ Curls)

M-Curl Lash Extensions

This type of lash extension gives the opposite effect of what a J-curl offers.

M-curl lash extensions have a smaller length with a straight base and a longer dramatic curl upward. Hence, this lash curl makes your downward-angled natural lashes look lifted.

Its dramatic upward curl and angle create a wide-eye effect and a lash-lift look.

Sadly, this curl type isn’t suggested for those with upward-angled lashes or hooded eyelids.

L-Curl and L+ Curl Lash Extensions

As its name suggests, L-curl is an L-shaped lash extension. Basically, L-curls are C- or D-curls but with a flat base.The L- and L+ curls were designed to lift naturally straight lashes and provide a wide-eyed effect to prospective clients with deep-set, hooded eyelids and older clients who have droopy eyelids.

Its flat base helps the natural lash and lash extensions to adhere well together, leading to a secure and longer lash retention.

The curled part of this lash extension helps give that lift to eyelashes that are facing down, making the eyes pop.

However, remember that these lashes may appear unflattering and heavy when used on downward-angled lashes because of their long flat base.

Better-Bonding Curls (EZ-Curls)

EZ-Curl Lashes

Compared to regular lash extensions, the EZ-curl lashes are straighter and have a more extended base that gives a more adhesive area for extensions.

This enables beginner and even expert lash technicians to have a more effortless experience adhering fake eyelash extensions to natural lashes.

Aside from that, EZ lash curls also offer better lash retention compared to other curls. EZ curls have several variations, ranging from the least curly to the curliest EZ curl type: EZ-J, EZ-B, EZ-C, or EZ-D curls.

Choose from them depending on the level of curl you want to wear.